HP 10BII Information

The older HP 10B is not quite identical.

Financial Keys
N, number of periods
I/YR, rate of interest per year
P/YR, number of periods per year
PMT, payment per period
PV, present value
FV, future value
Payments which increase the balance are positive numbers.
Payments which decrease the balance are negative numbers.
Future values are withdrawals, usually entered as negative numbers.

Floating Decimal
Press DISP, followed by the decimal point.
Clearing Financial Data
Press C ALL.
Beginning Annuities
Press BEG/END.

Entering Financial Data
Display the value, then press the financial key.
To enter P/YR, enter the value, then press P/YR.
Computing Values
Simply press the financial key to be computed. (There is no "compute" key.)

Tom's account begins with $500, and earns 6% per year, compounded monthly. He deposits an additional $50 at the end of each month. What will the balance be at the end of one year?

The variables are:
N = 12I = 6/12PMT = 50 increasingPV = 500FV = ???

The keystrokes are:
12 N
6 I/YR
12 P/YR
50 PMT
500 PV

The answer is $1,147.62, rounded to the nearest cent. The negative sign indicates that the amount can be withdrawn from the account.