Identifying a "Mystery" Financial Calculator

Clear your calculator's financial registers. (If your calculator uses a periods/year variable, clearing should reset that variable to 12.) Enter the following values, all as positive numbers.
N = 10I = 1PMT = 50PV = 1000FV = ???

Now compute the future value.
Your answer for FV:RatePositive PaymentFuture BalanceConvention
506.49AnnualDecreasing AnnuityBalanceLoan
-506.49AnnualDecreasing AnnuityWithdrawal
581.51PeriodicDecreasing AnnuityBalanceLoan
-581.51PeriodicDecreasing AnnuityWithdrawal
1510.24AnnualIncreasing AnnuityBalanceBasic
-1510.24AnnualIncreasing AnnuityWithdrawalStandard
1627.73PeriodicIncreasing AnnuityBalanceBasic
-1627.73PeriodicIncreasing AnnuityWithdrawalStandard