Dynamic Web Tools Using WebMathematica

Mike Martin and Steve Wilson received the 2004 International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Award for Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology in Collegiate Mathematics for their development of a subset of these tools. The award was presented at the ICTCM conference in New Orleans in October of 2004.

Unfortunately, funding for the webMathematica license was lost in 2017, so these pages are no longer available.


Business Math

Recreational Mathematics



Euclidean and Analytic Geometry

Basic Sequences and Series

Applications of Sequences to Population Dynamics

Applications of Sequences to Medicine

Linear Algebra

Graph Theory

Social Choice

Probability and Statistics

Differential Calculus Drillmasters


Functions and their Derivatives

Applications of Derivatives

Numerical Integration

Applications of Integration

First and Second Order Differential Equations

Applications of Differential Equations to Population Dynamics

Applications of Differential Equations to Medicine

Complex Analysis

Classroom Productivity