Quilts in the Family

Sailboats, made for Jeremiah. Nathan and Althea are holding the quilt. Sunbonnet Sue, made for Althea. Nathan is visible.
Tumbling Blocks, made for Nathan. Nathan and Jeremiah are holding the quilt. Autumn Leaves, made for Ellen's mother.
Crosses, made for brother Frank and his wife Jean. Log Cabin, made for Ellen's mother.
Amish Indians, a miniature wall hanging made for Ellen's mother. Storm at Sea, made for Nathan.
Blue Diamonds, made for sister Nancy. Alaska Bear Paws.
Scottish Thistles. Antique Toys.
Experimental Nine Patch. Each block was quilted first, and then the blocks were assembled. Bunnies and Kitties, made and displayed by Althea (not Ellen).
Double Pinwheels. Heart Flowers.
Oriental Fans. Assorted Sunbonnet Sues.
Jeweled Crosses. Irish Chain with Butterflies.
African Wall Hanging, made using fabrics from Brook Ford in Tanzania. African Wall Hanging, view of the back of the quilt.
Baltimore County Fair. Rainbow Lone Star. Jeremiah (6'4") and Nathan had to stand on chairs to keep the quilt from touching the ground.
Jewel Box, made for Althea. Wildflowers, made for Althea.
Starry Night, made for Jeremiah. Desert Wildflowers
Ohio Star, made for brother Frank. Pinwheels on Point, made for sister Nancy.
Shoofly, made for sister Janet. Antelope and Friends, made for brother Frank.
Pansies Wall Hanging, made for Ellen's mother. Hummingbirds Wall Hangings, made for Ellen's mother.
Alaska, made for brother Frank. Alaska, view of the back of the quilt.
Pandas, made for sister Nancy. Pandas, view of the back of the quilt.
Polar Bears and Penguins, made for sister Janet. Polar Bears and Penguins, view of the back of the quilt.
Flowers at the Crossroads Civil War
Scottish Thistle Wall Hanging Windows on Alaska
Hummingbirds for Grandma, made for Ellen's mother by Althea, quilted by Ellen. Fruit Galore
Four Patch, made for Ellen's mother. Rainbow Stars
Thirties Sampler Eagle in Flight