The Yakima Indian Quilt

Ella Hadley (1916-2008) and Edna Hadley (1914-2004) served as missionaries to the Yakima Indians, as part of the McKinley Indian Mission near Toppenish, Washington. They designed and painted the following "quilt", to help describe the people among whom they lived and worked. The quilt was probably created in the 1950s.
Detailed views of each picture are shown below, together with the caption written by Ella and Edna Hadley.

Fishing with a Net

Yakima Cradle Board

Picking Huckleberries

Council Meeting


Sweat Lodge

War Dancing

Sign Language

Cooking Corn in an Outdoor Oven

Hunting Deer with Bow and Arrow

Bringing the Meat Home

Sunset Horse Rider (Buffalo in Distance)

Hunting a Rabbit

Smoking a Peace Pipe

Woman Carrying Baby on her Back

Indian Baby Swing

Root Digging


Fishing (Girl with Line)